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3D Sexvilla 2.150

3D Sexvilla 2.150 Update

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The winter is coming!

Just in time for winter, thriXXX brings us some new thematically suitable updates. The immense amount of creativity of the thriXXX software-developers is really amazing. Be prepared for a fantastic new scenario, fresh 3D girls and great new features.

Fire and Ice – The Moutainside Chalet

This new 3D Sexvilla update provides another “cool” scenario: You are getting snowed under in a comfortable mountainside chalet, together with a hot 3D “Snow Bunny” – this means, it´s time for après ski seduction, schnapps and snuggly 3D sex. Make use of the time and show your hot 3D Babe what a ski pole is really made for! This is the perfect location to live out your hottest mountain retreat vacation fantasies.

New Outfits: Ski & Snowboard Chic

If you want to hit the slopes with style you need outfits which are warm and fashionable at the same time. This 3D Sexvilla 2 Update provides some fur trimmed and down-filled ski-clothes to keep your 3D models perfect bodies warm. Of course, the outer layers are designed to be stripped off to get to the hot stuff as quick as possible. By the way, the ski jacket combo includes undress versions of undergarment and jacket!

New Girls: Two horny Snow Angels

Fenfang is a sexy Asian girl from Hong Kong. Her speciality is the use of aromatic and fragrant oils for a fun rub and tug. The other girl is Rebecca, a fascinating chick from the UK who loves tying, binding and controlling. They may have different characters, but both of them can provide a perfect massage for sore muscles or any other body parts which need some stimulation. Get these two horny 3D girls flat on their backs in fresh powder snow to create some “Snow Angels” – believe us, it will be both entertaining and enjoyable!

New Hairstyles for your 3D Girls

Like most other 3D Sexvilla 2 updates this update comes with new hairstyles to customize your preferred models appearance to your personal taste better than ever. One of the new euro inspired hairstyles is a Bavarian Oktoberfest influenced style with long braids, while the other is a trendy bohemian razor cut.

New Tattoo Pack

This new tattoo pack gives you even more possibilities to decorate your 3D models to make them truly unique. The pack includes a range of five each of back of neck- and ankle-tattoos which can be combined in different ways.

New Jewelry

This 3D Sexvilla Update provides not only a new tattoo-, but also a new jewelry-pack which includes three sets of necklace and earring combos. Spice up your favorite 3D slut with jewelry in formal, casual or even in fetish style. And don´t forget that some 3D babes really look best in jewelry only!

New Mod Packs

The 3D Sexvilla 2.150 Update comes with all in all four new texture mod packs: One for the “Ski Chalet”, one for the “Classroom” and two mod packs for the new hair textures and some new winter outfit options. By the way, you can get some additional ski chalet sound effects, too.

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